The process is where the learning happens. Below you will find my journey as I worked towards the product for my Major Product for EC&I 832. To see the final product (which is still a work in progress), please visit my Transliterate Librarian Website. Please click the links below to see the process of completing my final project in more detail.

  1. I started out wanting to go the “Internet-based Social Activism” route, but after a few glitches… I changed route.
  2. After attending a New TL meeting, I was inspired by an infographic by Joyce Valenza and Gwyneth Jones on Transliteracy. So my major project shifted to the Role of the TL.
  3. After attending a PD session through RCSD on Digital Citizenship, I figured out how I would present my ideas through lesson plans using the Digital Citizenship Lesson Plan framework as created by the RCSD Educational Technology team.
  4. I was able to focus in on which lessons I would like to create for the website and began working at creating them.
  5. The process is a bit of a messy journey, but there is still process! I am chipping away at my lesson plans and have formatted the website where I will upload the lesson plans. Hopefully the way it is organized in my head and on the website will make sense to others!
  6. This week I was able to create (and hopefully finalize) the landing pages for my final project on Transliterate Librarians.
  7. I am finally at the point where I feel comfortable sharing my website with people! What an exciting thing to do! I still have 8 lessons to finish, but I am confident I will be able to finish high quality lessons to add to my website. I sure hope others are able to use the lessons I am creating to transform their teaching!
  8. My final project is completed at this point in time. It is my hope that it continues to grow with help and expertise from other TLs. I am very satisfied the final product and hope others benefit from the lessons.