Final Project – A How to Wiki

My colleague, Sarah, and myself are working together on our final project for our ECMP455 class. After some discussion with Alec Courous and Dean Shareski, we have decided to create an extensive ‘How to Wiki’. What this wiki will contain is a step by step tutorial on how to use a program and how you can take this application into your classroom.We are hoping to make up some lesson plans and other activities so you can make this experience authentic and engaging learning for your students.

So my questions to you is: What application do you want to see a Resource made up on? Is there any other information you would like to see on this Wiki? Would you like this focused on any particular subject? Any other suggestions.

I made up a Google Form for you to fill out with this information. You can also make any comments here. Thanks for your input. Your ideas and input will help make this project useful.

Below is the way we will be assessed on this assignment for your reference.

Major Digital Project Students will develop a digital project related to technology in teaching and learning. This project is wide-open to possibilities. Some ideas: portion of an online course or unit, digital video (e.g., presentation, advertisement), educational resource website, course blog or wiki, etc. Students will be expected to submit a proposal for approval. There will be a reflective component to each project, which will be tied in to the blogfolio. 35%