As an active member at Blessed Sacrament Church, I am able to practice faith which is consistent with that of the Catholic Church through participation in the Sacraments of the Church and living in harmony with the principles of the Gospel and teachings of the Catholic Church. I create a faith-filled community of learners where I can use the teachings of Jesus Christ to conduct learning experiences for students. Through daily teachings, celebrations, and other activities in school I am able fully support and foster the spiritual development of students and work in collaboration with the church, home, and community to help the students become responsible and caring citizens. My lessons are inspired by the love of the Father and are taught with faith and hope from the Holy Spirit. My students are a precious gift and I believe in showing them to respect the dignity of themselves and others. Every student should have the opportunity to succeed and achieve their greatest potential and be inspired to develop their personal gifts and talents.

Below are some pictures we took of our Pysanky eggs and Paska we made at Easter:

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