I have a Bachelor of Education from the University of Regina. I am currently working on my Masters of Education with a major in Curriculum & Instruction. I would consider myself a lifelong learner who always enjoys a new challenge!

My teaching experience has primarily been in grades 3 to 6. Currently, I am employed by Regina Catholic Schools. I have been working with RCS from 2012 to present, where I taught a 5/6 combined and have been teaching Grade 3 for the past two years.  From the years 2009-2012 I was employed by the Calgary Catholic School Division and taught at St. Maria Goretti School. I had the chance to teach grade 4, 4/3 combined, and a grade 5 class. I was the Phys. Ed. / Health specialist and assisted other staff and members in the district with using technology to engage 21st century learners. From my experiences I have developed strong classroom management skills, various teaching strategies and a strong relationship with the students, staff, and parents.  Through these relationships I was able to foster a respectful environment to manage student behaviour.

I believe in using various instructional strategies and a variety of settings in order to teach to the whole child. Using various instructional strategies such as experiential learning, indirect instruction, and independent study I am able to provide appropriate and varied learning opportunities for all students while recognizing different abilities.  I believe in creating an environment where every student is successful and has the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.

One of my many interests is technology. I believe in using technology in a variety of ways to enhance my instruction whenever possible. Through the use of technology I am able to foster interactive engagement, so students experience meaningful learning and intellectual development. My role as an educator is to promote student learning and critical thinking skills.

Whenever I have the chance I enjoy traveling. I have been to various places around the world. I can speak both Spanish and Portuguese. Having the opportunity to travel has introduced me to many different cultures.

I am currently a member at Blessed Sacrament Church in Regina, SK. I believe in teaching as a shepherd of the Lord, believing that my students are the Light of the World. It is my job to help them Shine.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am currently a student in the Faculty of Ed at the UofR. I just wanted to pass along a note saying that these types of blogs are an inspiration to someone like me who is terrified but willing to try this out in my future classroom. I will do my best to check in once in awhile. Hope you are having a great year so far!


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