The product is usually what we want to see, BUT the process is where the magic happens! Below you will find my journey as I learned and shared my progress of learning prenatal yoga for EC&I 831. Please click the links below to see the process of completing my learning project in more detail.

  1. After some consultation with the people in my PLN, I decided that I would learn and practice prenatal yoga as me learning project. As someone who desires a finished product, such as building something, completing a task, or creating something… this is going to be a challenge! The true learning on this project will be the process of my learning and how it affects me.
  2. As this project is largely process orientated and doesn’t necessarily have final “product” other than a compilation of my learning, I decided it was necessary to complete a pre-assessment so I could remember how I was feeling at the beginning of this process.
  3. I am really enjoying blogging each week to document my process as it is keeping me accountable to reaching my learning outcome. As I mentioned earlier, I am motivated by the “product” so this week I decided I needed to amp up my presence on social media documenting my process of learning.
  4. This week to me was a bit like a double-edged sword. I have really enjoyed going through this learning process, but have found it a lot more challenging that anticipated.
  5. I really tried to look at the learning process this week focusing on the apps I was able to use and how my journey has been progressing throughout the semester.
  6. I cannot believe there are only 4 weeks left! I am beginning to think of a way to summarize my learning process at the end of this project.
  7. “Feedback that comes at the end is not feedback, it is evaluation” – Kim Weaver. This week I was able to take the feedback from Katia and Alec to tweak a few things in my learning project. I was able to join a few online communities to supplement my learning.
  8. I decided to mix things up this week during my reflection and to try a new tool to document my learning process and make my learning visible. I was quite pleased with the way it turned out.
  9. This week instead of reflecting on my specific learning project, I decided I would reflect on the online learning process. Making a guide to learning online turned out to be a bigger task than I first anticipated, but I am happy with the end result. I hope it will provide some guidance to future students who decide to complete a learning project.
  10. As my learning project came to a close, I thought I would reflect on learning just to learn. I haven’t learned something of interest in a while, so I am thankful to have had this opportunity.
  11. Learning to learn, a reflection of the messy and unpredictable learning process online. Although this project may be coming to a close, I look forward to engaging in another online learning project in the near future!