i. Planning for Prescribed Curricula

Demonstrates my ability to complete long- and short-range plans which are consistent with the Program of Studies that respect students’ backgrounds, needs, interests, and abilities.

ii. Instructional Strategies

Demonstrates my ability to use a variety of teaching strategies various learning opportunities that meet a variety of learning styles and abilities.

iii. Teaching and Learning Management

Demonstrates my ability to foster a safe and caring environment that enhances a community of learners.

iv. Assessment and Evaluation of Students

Demonstrates my ability to use a variety of assessment techniques that engage students in learning and goal setting.

v. Contributions to School Community

Demonstrates my engagement in a variety of activities that contribute to the quality of the school as a learning environment.

vi. Catholicity

vii. Reflection on Personal Practice

A reflection on my current instructional practice and professional goals. You will find evidence of my reflective practice throughout the section labeled AHA Moments.