Introducing… Transliterate Librarians

Sands of Time

Photo Credit: ipsbmtc via Compfight cc

I am feeling very good about my final project. I feel like it is coming together nicely and I have enough time to complete it to the standard I would like. Although my website is not finished yet and is missing some of the lesson plans, I feel comfortable to share the link with you to explore the website and give me some feedback!


Last week I finished the landing pages for my website and this week I continued developing and finalizing the lesson plans. I have completed and uploaded 4 lesson plans and have 8 more to go.

I have really enjoyed making the lesson plans as it has helped me gain a deeper understanding of how I can teach digital citizenship in school and how embedded the skills are in the renewed Saskatchewan curriculum.

This past week I created a lesson on Creative Commons with help from Common Sense Education and my own understanding of fair use has grown a great deal! I hope other teachers are able to use the site I am creating to integrate lessons into their teaching to not only create digital citizens, but also digital leaders!


One thought on “Introducing… Transliterate Librarians

  1. blackimoto says:

    Your new website looks awesome! Very professional, and it looks like there’s a lot of great content being put together on there! Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

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