I just found out how beneficial Delicious is! I am away on vacation and I am not using my regular computer. As I was browsing through Twitter I found some great resources. I went to visit them and I thought, “Man, I wish I could bookmark this on my computer.” Then the light bulb went off. I can! I went to my delicious account and saved my bookmark.

 During our first synchronous session with ECMP 455 we had a guest speaker, Chris Betcher, who talked about all the wonderful things Delicious can do. (It was an amazing session and if you feel like you need some more insight on Delicious I recommend you watch it). I became a believe in Delicious after this presentation and began using it. I started using it for all my bookmarking needs; however, I didn’t see the importance of it as I always did this from my computer. I added the tags and everything, but it seemed like just a regular bookmarking tool. It wasn’t until today that I truly found this application useful to me. After adding my bookmark I began searching around and found the wealth of knowledge on Delicious that I can use as a search engine.

I don’t have any friends yet on Delicious and would appreciate the add. My user name is kdimini. What another great way to develop a PLE / PLN!