It’s the 5 week countdown…

5 weeks of class left. 15 hours of final project complete, approximately 35 hours to go. I have been gathering resources for my final project and have been working to compile lesson plans that are relevant and will be used. After all, what is the point of creating something without a purpose?16226078303

I have decided I would create 3 lesson plans for each of my categories:

  1. Inquiry & Research
  2. Evaluating Resources
  3. Creating & Sharing
  4. Digital Citizenship

My hope is this website will continue to grow and evolve as my role as a Teacher-Librarian evolves, but this will be a substantial amount of resources to get one started in teaching transliteracy.

 “Transliteracy is the ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media from signing and orality through handwriting, print, TV, radio and film, to digital social networks.”

Thomas, S. with Joseph, C., Laccetti, J., Mason, B., Mills, S., Perril, S., and Pullinger, K. Transliteracy: Crossing divides, First Monday, Volume 12 Number 12 – 3 December 2007.

The lessons I have begun digging deeper into are:

  1. Inquiry & Research
    1. How to analyze & synthesize selected information.
    2. How to design an effective query.
    3. How to effectively find & use information to solve problems & make decisions.
  1. Evaluating Resources
    1. How to deconstruct/construct media messages.
    2. How to find, discern & make sense of divergent perspectives.
    3. Who is an expert?
  1. Creating & Sharing
    1. How to connect research/knowledge to real-world needs and make a difference.
    2. How not to present.
    3. What is the best medium to digitally tell or publish a story?
  1. Digital Citizenship
    1. What is Creative Commons? How to attribute credit.
    2. How to develop an academic digital footprint.
    3. How to manage a digital reputation.

I have decided to a use a weebly to create and manage my website for the product portion of my final project. The reason I chose weebly is I find it extremely user-friendly to this type of project and we are using weebly as a host to our library websites within RCSD.


The next 35 hours (I am guessing it will be more) will be a lot of work, but well worth it as I believe this resource will connect directly with curriculum, will meet the needs of integrating the digital citizenship continuum, and will be useful to TLs and Teachers.

And now that I am feeling a little stressed, here is an Ode to Librarians to lighten the mood!

It’s all about the process…

Initially I had decided to do the internet-based social activism project as my final project; however, I ran into some glitches with the class I was going to work with and decided I would rather do this a personal project than a final project for this class. I am still very passionate about bringing our AR program outside of the school and in turn make a larger impact on the school community. Our school has applied for the I Am Stronger grant and is still actively present on our blog and twitter. Follow us at @heart_library.

Photo Credit: charlywkarl via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: charlywkarl via Compfight cc

I am VERY excited about implementing and creating my new project that will directly relate to my new role as a Teacher Librarian. This position interested me because the role of the teacher-librarian with RCSD is evolving. It is my hope that through this position, I will be able to collaborate with other teachers to implement engaging and innovative technologies to improve student learning, engage students in inquiry based learning to help develop multiple literacies, and teach students how to use technology to find information and with the information the ability extract and synthesize it to formulate new meaning. That being said, I think my final project will help me achieve my goals as TL.

Photo Credit: Joyce Valenza & Gwenth Jones via joycedownunder cc
Photo Credit: Joyce Valenza & Gwenth Jones via joycedownunder cc

What I would like to do is create a webpage based on the ideas on an image created by Joyce Valenza and Gwyneth Jones. I was amazed when I tweeted this image and my twitter account blew up! This image combined with the proper hashtags gave me the most action I have ever seen on twitter. It had around 100 retweets or favourites and I gained a plethora of followers. This gave me confidence that pursuing a final project based on the evolving role of the TL would not only have importance to me, but also others. As I said, part of the reason I left the classroom and took on the role of the TL was so that I could be involved with helping other teachers and students with transliteracy and I think this project will help me accomplish that.

My final project will be a webpage that is a comprehensive resource for TLs and teachers that includes lessons and resources on the four domains as listed in the poster (inquiry/research, evaluating resources, creating & sharing, and digital citizenship). Specifically I would like to focus my lessons on the Gr. 1-5 range. This website will have lessons, ideas, and resources that address the bullet points listed on the poster. My next step is to start gathering resources, developing lesson plans, and creating a practical resource for TLs to help develop transliteracy.