Taking a big step out of my comfort zone by creating a vlog for my second post! (Nerves set in a few times, so please disregard me saying critiques instead of critics!)

Ideas are based and formulated from this weeks course readings as listed below:

  1. Do “Digital Natives” Exist? (PBS – Watch until 5:34) – This video from PBS presents an excellent overview of Prensky’s “Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants” framework including the evolution of the idea and the common criticisms.
  2. Visitors and Residents (David White) – David White from the UK provides an alternate view on Prensky’s framework, useful for understanding the continuum of digital engagement.
  3. “Social Media Sites as Networked Publics” (danah boyd) – boyd discusses the emergence of social networking spaces as networked publics, and examines how they have emerged to replace and augment our traditional concepts of public space.
  4. “The IRL Fetish” (Nathan Jurgenson) – Jurgenson introduces an important concept around the common obsession with binarizing online vs. face-to-face spaces and giving less value to digital spaces and communication.
  5. “YouTube and You” (Michael Wesch) – Wesch discusses YouTube as a cultural medium; he describes the context collapse that occurs in online spaces as well as the effect on issues of identity and self-awareness.
  6. Excerpt from An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube (Michael Wesch) – This short clip from a longer Wesch keynote describes the spread of one of the first popular digital memes and how this represented new forms of collective expression and celebration.
  7. Transmedia: High quality, no captionsLower quality with captions (Henry Jenkins) – Jenkins discusses the concept of transmedia and how youth (in particular) are reclaiming digital spaces from corporate and institutional power.

Thanks for watching! I challenge you to try a vlog!


6 thoughts on “Media Education

  1. Wow! Good for you, I think this Vlog was great! I need tips, did you script it before recording, or did you just go for it?

    Love the comment about- “just because you have the newest phone doesn’t mean you know how to use the tech!” So true!

    1. Thanks Amy! I did script it before recording and practiced. Probably took the same amount if not a bit more time doing a vlog as doing a regular blog post, but I am glad I gave it a try!

  2. Great job Kristina! You’ve inspired me to attempt a vlog at some point this semester. It will be a big step out of my comfort zone too. I agree with a lot of your points and share a lot of your questions regarding the readings and videos as well.

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