I am a creature of habit and I am extremely predictable, which is sometimes problematic. Some people may call my predictability organized, structured, or that it suits my Type A personality, but others may call it boring and not creative. As I have looked back through my major project blog posts, I have noticed a common thread… they are all very structured and follow the same format. I find it hard to break away from this format because I like and crave structure, but this week I am going to try to be a different.

I decided I would try something I have never tried before, but have always wanted to try, so I made an inforgraphic using Piktochart. I was actually inspired last term by Amy to make an infographic, but never got around to making one last term. Although the content is still very structured (this is something I am working on), the presentation is something new.

Week 8 Piktochart

3 thoughts on “I am a creature of habit.

  1. Love the infographic! I was thinking of creating one for my learning summary. Not sure if it will be enough to satisfy the requirements but I might try see what I can come up with. It will certainly be better than last semester where I just did a voice over a power point…no wonder I didn’t make the list of awesome learning summaries 😉 haha.

  2. Hahaha! A PowerPoint with a voice over is a big feat…. and it’s all the process and progress… not the bells and whistles, right?! I actually really enjoyed making it! If you have a chance, give it a try. Might be a neat way to summarize your learning for your learning project?

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