Only 4 weeks left?!?!

My Week in Review

My goals for this week were to:

  1. Continue to attend and participate in prenatal yoga classes both through online resources and in my face-to-face communities.
  2. Post to my Instagram account at least 3 times this week, increase my followers to 30. Try to follow at least 70 quality accounts.
  3. Update my Instagram user description to show my purpose and connect with my PLN.
  4. Create YouTube showcasing 3 new poses I learned this week. Think of a quality title for my video to increase viewership.

I am happy and excited to say that I have achieved all my goals this week! Something I appreciate about the learning online process and using my blog to document my process is that I am held accountable. When I post my goals for the week, it helps me to stay focused and not loose site of my end goal. This is something I think would be important when working with students as well. Goals and posting about our goals to our personal learning networks helps keep us accountable. It gives you a purpose, an audience, and the support you may need.

My Successes

I am very happy with the YouTube video I made this week. I was able to add music, video, pictures, and a caption. I am hoping I get a few views on this video and even if I don’t it reminded me how easy it is to make a movie with Windows Movie Maker. There aren’t many bells and whistles, but it fits my purpose this week. Next week I hope to try a different movie publisher, such as animoto. Do you have any other suggestions that you think I should try?

The video was inspired by a prenatal yoga workout I had pinned on my Pinterest board called 5 Prenatal Yoga Moves Every Mama-To-Be Should Try. I have really noticed a positive reaction from my body when I practice prenatal yoga. Research says it should help with labour and delivery… here’s hoping!

Another success I had this week was growing my PLN on Instagram. I am currently at 31 followers and following 74 accounts. I am finding Instagram to be a good tool for connecting with others who are interested in prenatal yoga. I haven’t had much success growing my PLN on twitter in the yoga sphere, but I guess every tool has a purpose!

My Struggles

I only have 15 posts on Instagram. I thought I would have a much easier time documenting this process with pictures, but finding time and space to photograph and document everything is proving to be challenging. Maybe this is a limitation of Instagram and using photos to post this process?

Looking to Next Week

It is has to believe that there are only 4 weeks of classes remaining. As I start to look toward the end goal, I would like to find a way to create a final product that sums up my process. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?

My goals for next week are to:

  1. Continue to attend and participate in prenatal yoga classes both through online resources and in my face-to-face communities.
  2. Pin a few more prenatal yoga resources.
  3. Get at least 20 posts on my Instagram account.
  4. Decide on how I will summarize my learning project.






5 thoughts on “Only 4 weeks left?!?!

  1. Erin Benjamin says:

    I love your idea of “stop, drop, and yoga” Kristina! It’s very evident that you’re incorporating this project into your everyday lifestyle and making it work for you! Life gets busy but I think that you’re modelling looking after oneself in a very positive way.

    I agree that setting goals allows greater chance of staying accountable. Do you find your hip poses are becoming easier or more difficult as your advance throughout your pregnancy? Are you experiencing increased flexibility due to increased practice or less mobility due to the physical changes of your body?

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. For whatever reason it hasn’t been popping up on my blog feed, but I will be sure to check in often and check your progress. Keep taking care of you and baby!

    • Kristina Boutilier says:

      Thanks for the comment Erin! I have always found hip poses difficult and am finding with a belly in the way it is a bit more challenging to get the range of motion needed. I am however finding that in doing the hip openers, I am able to sleep better and feel better. In some areas I am experiencing less mobility, but am finding my flexibility to be the same. Thanks for the well wishes! 🙂

  2. lifelonglearner1blog says:

    I love your YouTube posts, Kristina! Good for you! I have not yet ventured into taking pictures or videos of my yoga practice.
    I remember doing yoga throughout both my pregnancies and I do believe it helped with feeling good during pregnancy as well as labour. You will be able to use the breathing techniques and the poses you are learning during labour and delivery. And your body will be strong and ready for that challenge. #strongwoman

    • Kristina Boutilier says:

      Thanks, it is hard to put myself out there and post something like this (especially with all the physical changes my body is going through), but it is an easier way to communicate and show the progress I have been making. You should give it a try too!
      Thanks for the support, I am nervous and excited for labour! It will definitely be a process!
      How is your yoga practice going?

      • lifelonglearner1blog says:

        Yes, I’m sure it is hard to put yourself out there. I suppose that is one of the reasons I am not doing it! (I know, excuses, excuses!)
        Labour is certainly not easy, but is the most amazing thing I have ever done! It seems like you are preparing yourself as much as anyone can. Just have confidence in yourself; that you are strong and you can do it!
        My yoga practice is not going very well to be honest! It has gotten more difficult to fit it in over the years! I can generally get 2 sessions in each week, but I can’t reach my goal of 3! But I will keep trying. At least twice a week is better than what I was doing before (nothing!).

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