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I am so excited to start my prenatal yoga journey this week! This past week I took some time to plan out how I am going to tackle this project and set some realistic goals for myself. Pregnancy has really taken a toll on my body and can’t even begin to explain all the changes I have been experiencing, but a few stand out and I am hoping this journey will help me through the last 13 weeks of pregnancy!

Where am I now?


One of the major changes I am experiencing is lousy sleeps. I have been more tired than usual being pregnant, yet I have not been able to get a good night’s sleep. Before expecting, I would get a solid 8-9 hours of sleep a night. I am not sure if not sleeping is part of the “baby training” you experience before giving birth, but I am hoping my yoga practice will help me regain my pre-baby sleeping habits and allow me to wake up feeling rested.

Another change I am experiencing is lower back and hip pain. I often wake up in the middle of the night with a throbbing pain in my hips. I am hoping with increased flexibility and strength I will be able to combat this pain (and maybe this will help my sleep problem as well!). I believe that my lower back pain is spurred on because of the extra weight I am carrying my mid-section and because I have remained active throughout my pregnancy. I am trying to stay in the routine of going to the gym, but with my changing body, maybe I am putting extra stress on my body and I need to pay more attention to the stretching and flexibility aspect, which is something I tend to leave out.

The last two categories of my pre-assessment deal with mindfulness and anxiety. I am someone that tends to go, go, go and I have a hard time saying no. I also put the needs of others before myself. I think by taking this time each week for me and to connect with Baby Boutilier will bring me mindfulness and prepare me for childbirth. I am going to take a class once per week at Bodhi Tree Yoga, the instructor there is not only a yoga instructor, but also a doula. It is my hope that through this class I will not only benefit physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

What is my plan of attack and how am I going to document my learning process?

I am hoping, should my body allow it, to participate in yoga 3 times/week. Two of the three times will be at home using open online sources (see below for a detailed list of sources) and one of the three times will be a local face-to-face class at Bodhi Tree Yoga.

On top of my practice, I will be posting my progress and sharing things that help me on my journey on my Instagram and twitter account. The hashtag I will be using to document my progress is #babybootsyoga.

I will also be posting weekly vlogs of my progress on my blog where I describe my successes, victories, challenges, and fails.

What sources am I going to use?





11 thoughts on “Go with the flow…

  1. Hey! Good luck with this process. I find yoga hard on any given day and I’m not 6 months pregnant! I look forward to learning if the yoga does in fact improve the way you sleep as it may be something I should try again.

  2. All the best to you Kristina! Have you ever used yogaglo.com before? I know there is a monthly fee but I have a friend who uses it almost daily and raves about it. A variety of yoga videos, at varying lengths and difficulties, for all types of yogis!

    1. Thanks Erin! And thanks for following my journey on instagram!! I haven’t used that site before, but I will definitely take a look into it! I am hoping maybe they have a free trial.

  3. I’m excited to watch your journey with yoga during pregnancy, Kristina!
    I know exercise was immensely beneficial for me with both of my pregnancies (including yoga). I felt so much better for it! And it was a great way to connect with the baby, interestingly. I hope it helps you also!
    I love Bodhi Tree! I will try to make it to some classes there also, but the times never seem to work with my schedule. 😦

    1. Thanks! Glad to have another yogi in the class with me! That is awesome to here it helps connect with baby — I am hoping it allows me to connect with baby, sometimes during the day at school I feel like I don’t pay enough attention to baby, so it will be nice to have this one-on-one time (even though we are in a group) to just be present.

      1. Baby is enjoying hearing your voice all day long and being rocked as you walk. 🙂 So no worries about that. But yoga does help you connect in a more mindful way and really think about how much you are going to love this new little person in your life! So exciting!

  4. I look forward to hearing about your progress! As I read this blog post, I see lots of similarities between your current lifestyle and issues with mine! I’m also pregnant, and also a go-go-go person who needs to slow down and focus in on the mindfulness aspect of life. I’ve gone to the prenatal yoga class at Bodhi Tree since the new year and while I only expected it to be a nice, quiet time to stretch, it also became a great source of information and surprisingly helped me calm my mental stresses of the day. Last class I went with a lot on my shoulders, having spent the day dealing with a very difficult student who was having a particularly challenging day. I almost didn’t go to yoga because I just felt exhausted and wanted to sit on the couch. Boy am I ever glad I went! When I came home my husband asked me how my day was and I couldn’t even remember what had happened before yoga…the mental and emotional strains of my day had been erased and I felt so calm and at peace!

    I hope you find a good life balance by participating in yoga 3 times a week and I really do think it will help you (and me!) prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically, for the childbirth and child-rearing tasks ahead!

    1. I am excited to start attending yoga with you at Bodhi Tree! Thanks for sharing your story about how you left feeling rejuvenated. I was a bit apprehensive about adding another thing to my schedule, but like you said, I think it will help me calm my mental stresses and find my inner peace.

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