Yogi in Training

I have been contemplating for a while on what I should do for my major project this term. I really liked both options and initially thought I would do option A, where I would integrate social media into the library at Sacred Heart school, but after talking to a few others in the class I think I will take the rare opportunity to engage in learning something for myself… especially since my life will be changing a great deal in the next few month with the arrival of our first child!

A healthy and fit lifestyle have always been important for me, playing many competitive sports growing up. However as my participation in athletics began to slow down, I looked for another way to maintain that healthy lifestyle and became a certified Fitness Instructor through CanFit Pro in 2006. Over the years I have taken various other trainings through Body Training Systems, which included weight training, cycling, balance and flexibility. One of the reasons I love being a fitness instructor is because I can inspire others to reach their fitness goals, but often my own goals get put on the back burner.


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I would like to take this opportunity to reach a fitness goal of my own, which is to study and practice pre-natal yoga for the next 10 weeks to increase my flexibility and prepare myself for the birth of my baby. As many of you mothers know, the changes in pregnancy are HUGE and I have been noticing increasing pain in my lower back, hips, and neck. I am very high energy and often neglect the importance of flexibility and relaxation, so this could be challenging for me.

Research suggests that prenatal yoga can:

  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth
  • Decrease lower back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, headaches and shortness of breath

Taken from the Mayo Clinic, Prenatal Yoga: What you need to know

On top of learning and practicing yoga, I would also like to use my fitness instructor experience to produce some pre-natal yoga videos based on what I learn from online resources (such as Prenatal Yoga Centre), online videos and participation in pre-natal yoga at Bodhi Tree or the YMCA. I will be looking into both of these place this week to see which place better fits my needs. As I am new to pre-natal yoga, I am not sure what the videos I create will look like at this point, whether they be educational or just videos on my progress, but I am excited to see how this project develops over the next 10 weeks.

I plan to document my process through blog posts, vlogs, videos, and photographs. Perhaps I could even create an Instagram page or something to showcase my progress? Also trying to think of a clever hashtag to use to document my progress (if any of you clever people out there have any ideas…)

My only concern is since I am not a yoga instructor and do not have training in yoga, I wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt trying to replicate what I am doing in my videos. Do you think this could pose a problem or since it is about my journey I should be fine?


12 thoughts on “Yogi in Training

  1. justinestephanson says:

    Kristina that is a wonderful idea! I am looking forward to following your journey. My husband and I are hoping to start a family in the near future so I think prenatal yoga is a fantastic idea. It’s so important to take care of yourself and to make time for yourself!

    • Kristina Boutilier says:

      Thanks Justine!! I agree, trying to take some time for myself before the baby gets here! Hope this journey motivates you to give it a try (not scare you away! haha). 🙂

      • justinestephanson says:

        I am hoping to give prenatal yoga a try. It has so many health benefits and a great way to take sometime for yourself. I know it will not scare me away! I am looking forward to reading more posts and learn from your journey!

  2. ashleypmurray says:

    Such a great idea! It’s great to make time for yourself especially because you will have less time for yourself once baby comes. But of course it’s totally worth it! And like Andrea said, you can always do baby and me yoga after. There are also great exercise classes at the Sportsplex and other locations throughout the city offered by the city. I do a Tuesday Thursday class and it’s great to get out and get your sweat on with other moms. So nice to be able to bring baby along too! Good luck with your project!

    • Kristina Boutilier says:

      Thanks Ashley! Yes, I am looking forward to doing a mom and baby class after baby arrives. So important to have a support group and other people who are experiencing similar things!

  3. Amy says:

    That sounds like a great idea! About your last question, I don’t know anything about yoga but I would think you could maybe just post a disclaimer before the video saying that you are not a certified yoga instructor and the videos are part of your learning process. Therefore people should be cautious if replicating any of the moves you do? Or you could talk to a certified instructor and see what they think. Looking forward to learning more about your journey!

    • Kristina Boutilier says:

      Thanks for your feedback Amy! That is a great idea. The process is about me, not me trying to teach others. So I think that should suffice! I know on instagram and other social media sites there are a lot of people posting fitness videos, etc. I would assume this would fall under the same category!

  4. Genna Rodriguez says:

    Loving this idea! Looking forward to watching your learning journey. Not only is this good for fitness, but it is great for mindfulness and finding your calm in anticipation for the day the baby arrives 🙂 I would not worry about posting videos–like Amy said, you can add a disclaimer. I would say that this is a personal learning project for you wherein you are documenting the process of learning and your personal growth, and that the intent of the videos is not to provide instruction. Again, I’m looking forward to watching this project unfold! I often wish I would have tried something like this when I was expecting…

    • Kristina Boutilier says:

      I agree Genna – mindfulness is something I struggle with at times, so having a set time to focus on me and baby is so important as I tend to run at a million miles a minute and take on more than I should! Thanks, I think you and Amy are right, it is my process and my journey, so it should be fine!!

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