EC&I 831 Survival Kit

Before I get into my survival kit, I thought I would share a little background… I am currently in my first year as Teacher-Librarian this year at Sacred Heart Community School. I am really enjoying the challenges and new experiences I am gaining with a new position and being able to be an educational leader within my school. Prior to that I’ve taught grades 3-6 (in a variety of variations) with Regina Catholic and Calgary Catholic schools. I am lifelong learner and began my graduate studies in January of 2015. I am currently taking class 4 & 5 in my course route.

I also have a passion for health and wellness. I enjoy running, biking, and being active. Additionally, I have been a group fitness instructor since 2006 and currently teach and manage the fitness classes at Anytime Fitness. I am hoping to use this passion to guide my major project… stay tuned for more details.

I am thrilled to be taking EC&I 831 this semester. Carla and Amy have expressed many of the same feelings as me after taking EC&I 832 last term. I experienced a lot of growth last tem and left feeling refreshed and renewed. I look forward to continuing this journey over the next few months!

The survival kit…

Last term I experienced like many others (as I stated above) a very steep learning curve of getting back into the groove digitally. I thought I could share some the key things that helped me stay in the loop in EC&I 832 so that you can experience a smoother transition than I did!


 google plus 1. Google + App

I didn’t download this app until partway through the course and it was a game changer! It made it so much easier for me to stay in the loop with the conversation and not feel overwhelmed. I usually checked this app whenever I had a free moment to make a quick comment. However, I preferred posting my own links, etc on the web version.

 tweetdeck 2. Tweetdeck

I had used TweetDeck when I took ECMP 455 (back in 2009), but I signed up for Hootsuite as well to check it out. I preferred TweetDeck as my main use was for twitter. It was a great way to keep my tweets organized and allowed me the ability to multi-task while tweeting.

 Capture 3. Twitter App

I tried to check my twitter app a few times a day and made an effort to tweet something relevant and meaningful every day. I followed hashtags such as #edchat, #edtech, #digicit.

 o365 4. Drafting blog posts in O365

I would always draft my blog posts in my O365 account (google docs would work too). I found it easier and calmed my mind to draft my posts outside of WordPress and then transfer them in when they were ready. I would include the hyperlinks in my draft, but would add my pictures and videos once I transferred it over.


5. Grow your PLN                                  

What is a PLN? A PLN is a Professional Learning Network. The more people you follow, connect with, and engage with the better your experience will be. This is a highly collaborative course and by being engaged with others, you will gain more from this course. You are in charge of creating your experience.



4 thoughts on “EC&I 831 Survival Kit

  1. Brea Nyhus says:

    Awesome survival kit! I’m currently in ECMP 455 and would have never thought to create a draft outside of WordPress. How long do you work on drafts before publishing it? Great tips for newbies trying to get in the groove of using technology to grow and learn.

    • Kristina Boutilier says:

      Thanks Brea! I like to draft it outside of WordPress because I have had a few drafts “lost” in the past, so I am a bit paranoid! The amount of time I spend on my drafts before publishing really depends on the content of my post. If I am reflecting on a reading or trying to make sense of some new ideas/content it usually takes me about 5-6 hours… with that being said, I am a slow writer and I like to deepen my knowledge by researching the topic further before posting for the whole world to see! Looking forward to following you and your journey in ECMP 455!

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