Hello again…

It is hard to believe it has been SIX years since my last professional blog post! I was looking back through some of my posts a from ECMP455 and during that time I would have never thought I would have fallen off the wagon for 6 years. Although I have blogged with my classrooms through kidblog and have created classroom websites through weebly, I haven’t taken the time to reflect on my professional space since beginning my teaching career. It is amazing how time flies, the realities of teaching settle in and how easy it is to loose sight of something that was once so important to you.

I am really looking forward to making and renewing connections with all the people in this course, but also the people not in this course. That is the beauty of using tools such as blogs and twitter to connect. It makes the learning and growing more authentic to our purpose. This course is not only teaching us how to teach media literacy, but it is also causing us to become more media literate. We are engaging in the use of a variety of media technologies to analyze, synthesize, access, and create.

Can’t wait to connect with you!


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