Twitter in the Classroom

Twitter is: The people I connect with on a daily basis to get ideas and give ideas. I never thought I would come so attached to Twitter at the beginning of my ECMP class and did it just because of the assignment. However, now I find it such a valuable resource that I have learned so much extra on! I have been able to find sites that are relevant to me and it has helped me develop as a professional.

Thanks to everyone who posted their resources for Twitter in the Classroom on my other post. As some of you know, I am completing my final project, with Sarah, on Twitter in the Classroom. We are creating a wikipage that will provide you with a step-by-step guide on using Twitter in the classroom. I would appreciate any input you may have regarding how you might use it in the classroom, the advantages of twitter in the classroom, the limitations of twitter, and any ‘testimonials’ you might have.

As Sarah has mentioned in her post:

When this wikipage is complete, you will find:

– an explanation of what Twitter is
– the steps of how to set up a Twitter account
– an introduction to using Tweet Deck
– the benefits of using Twitter in your classroom
– some ideas on how to use Twitter in the classroom
– commonly asked questions about Twitter
– a list of resources that we used to complete our project
– and much more!

Some of the pages will have a video that matched the text instructions/steps as a visual for you to follow along.  We will be making these videos using Jing to record our computer screens while using Twitter.  Since we had never used Jing before, we decided to make a trial video to test it out.  So far, we have found it rather easy to use; however, we have struggled uploading the video to our blog since we are using the ‘free’ version and are not able to upload our screen casts to You Tube.  We have been able to post it as a link though, so click here to see our very first Jing creation!

Special thanks to Alec and Dean for helping us out after class tonight to teach us how to upload a Jing video to our wikipage. :)


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