Midterm Review of ECMP 455

So we are about 1/2 way through the semester, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts on this class thus far. I have found this class one of the most beneficial, relevant, and interesting classes I have taken thus far in my 4 year education program. The reason I say this is because the assignments are assignments that I can actually use and put towards my future in teaching. I have started to develop a PLE / PLN, something I never even really knew about before this class. I am working on a major project that gives me and other educators a step by step tutorial on how to use an application to its fullest potential in the classroom. I have connected with other classrooms in the world through Skype, my blog, and twitter.

I believe all of these skills I have acquired, all of the testing of different applications, and all of the collaboration I have done thus far in this class and this semester will make me a better teacher in the future. I have taken many subjects through the four years, I have studied for many hours, and I have written many papers; however, the knowledge I have acquired from this class is more than the above. It is knowledge that I will apply in my future classrooms. I have become a critical thinker and I have developed a community of other educators that I can share with and they can share with me.


9 thoughts on “Midterm Review of ECMP 455

  1. Lori Sheldon says:


    It sounds like you are well on your way to learning, connecting, and sharing with your PLE/PLN. I have to admit that I have learned more through my PLN and from reading blogs, than I ever learned in college, and inservice combined! Happy learning!

  2. clnelson says:

    And this PLN thing–it should be implemented and modeled in our classrooms too. This is what has rejuvenated me as an 22 yr veteran eduactor–having a network of likeminded people that do not exclude my colleagues I see f2f, but enrich my experiences exponentially. Kids would also benefit. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jim Gates says:

    I agree with Lori. I’ve learned more from reading blogs and from my PLN than anywhere else. I’m glad to read that you have found this to be valuable. It will never let you down, I’m sure.

  4. Lee says:

    Hi Kristina,
    Kudos to you for embracing all that you are learning. I’ve been an educator for 25 years and only in the last few when I’ve come to understand the power of a personal (and powerful) learning network, have I really been able to be a better learner myself. I think we can learn from each other. On Twitter, I’m @teachakidd. I hope to see you there.

    Best of luck!


  5. Kim says:

    I really like the way that you have taken snap shots of your blog and linked it to the text of your post. It sounds like you have really benefited from the class you are taking. I have been teaching for a decade now and unfortunately there weren’t classes to teach me how to incorporate technology into the curriculum when I was taking college courses. It is so great to be able to network via Twitter, Classroom 2.0, etc. to learn about the latest uses of technology. Global connections are so important!

  6. Nycrican2 says:

    Great post. I have been a part of a PLN on Twitter since July. 2008. Similar to Lori, I have learned more from interacting with this group then I have learned from attending many educational conferences over the years and I have been teaching for 20 years now.

    So keep up the good work, you are well on your way to becoming the best educator that you can be.

    (Please accept this version as there was a typo in the first version.)

  7. Cindy Seibel says:

    Think of the class as a gift, that lets you build on all the other pieces of your learning. As much as I agree with you, there is also value in the readings and the writing that you do. Connecting is about sharing while you learn from others. I think what this class has done for you is what a similar experience with Dr. Couros did for me – opened my eyes and my mind and fueled my passion to learn, to connect, to discover, to enjoy, and all to support the learning of the generations to follow.
    Good luck in your career!

  8. missal2s says:

    That is funny you posted about this. I just started to write about this in my PLE google doc. I will now bring it on my blog.
    I would have to agree with you on the valuable skills we have gained that will be so useful in the future!

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