I just finished listening in on an EdTech Talk Session of Parents as Partners. The ability to use technology as an additional communication tool between parents, teachers, and students is amazing! Something new that I have never heard of before is a Parent Portal.

Here is a short video about Parent Portal’s:

Some of the websites I visited to find out some more information on Parent Portals are:




From what I have read parent portals help parents become engaged in their child’s learning. They are able to collaborate and communicate at convenient times for them. A parent portal can help parents become more involved with their child’s school life.

Have you used a Parent Portal? What are the advantages / disadvantages?

I would appreciate any insight on the use of Parent Portals in the classroom and school community.

2 thoughts on “Parents as Partners

  1. Hi Kristina:

    I was in the same session with you and we are now following ea other on Twitter (I’m bookgirl425).

    My high school is pretty tech’d out. We are only 6 yrs old as a school and began as a 1:1 laptop (laptops are owned by students) in a wireless environment.

    All faculty have webpages and the school has a portal for students and parents. Our portal is primarily for assignments/grades, however, not used as a communication device. Disadvantage of such a grading portal is when teachers don’t have time to keep up with it because parents do expect daily updates. Admin has issued guidelines for faculty about updating the portal. Advantage of portal is for parents to know who the teachers are, can access their webpage, communicate directly with the teacher, and know if their student was in class and what assignments have been assigned that day, plus track homework, tests, and overall grades.

  2. Hi Kristina,
    Love the Parent Portals video (and your blog header!). My high school is not nearly as tech’d out as Jeanne’s but we do use K12 Planet as a portal for parents to check grades and assignments. Our school’s web page or various teachers’ pages also serve as portals. Next year I’m going to try and make my parent page on my own website more interactive and updated more frequently.

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