Life as a 4th Year Education Student


I was looking through the indexed blog, and noticed the above card. This relates directly to my life as a 4th Year Education Student. I have been in the Lots&Lots of Work section for the past four years and I am sure I am going to be here for a while longer.

My days consist of homework, work, school, and volunteering. Then I try to fit some personal time in as well. I think the fact that I have been able to develop my PLE / PLN this semester has helped me a great deal. It allows me to share ideas with others and in a sense save some of the extra steps. Through my Twitter account, Gmail and GoogleDocs, Blog, and Skype I have been able to connect with others around the world who are able to offer me insights on many things.

In essence, I think the Lots&Lots of Work stage is worth it, althought at times I feel like there is just too much going  on. I am wondering if I will ever get to the Where I Want to Be part. I would consider myself a Life-long learner, so I assume that will continually change and there will be more obstacles to overcome in life.

Will things ever slow down? Will technology help me save time or make me do more things because of the easy access? I guess it is all about trying to find a balance in my life.


2 thoughts on “Life as a 4th Year Education Student

  1. courosa says:

    The good news is that you can take a breath and not have to worry about where you will be next year. 🙂

    It never ends. Really, it doesn’t. For me, I’ve taught ECMP courses dozens of times, and really, they’ve been different every time. I think I’d be totally bored if I didn’t do things like, learn a long the way, try new and interesting things, and believe it or not, want what’s best for my students. 🙂

    The PLE/PLN stuff has been exciting for me. In the past few years, I have myself, and have witnessed others, gain connections that are meaningful and useful for student learning, and for their own learning. It’s an exciting time to be an educator … I’m looking forward to having you as a virtual colleague in Calgary.


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