Curriculum 2.0

Last week I had a couple of interviews. One of the questions I was presented with was:

How will I use technology to teach my students?

I think it is so important to use technology in the classroom. I think that we as educators should not be teaching our students necessarily how to use Word, PowerPoint, and other applications. But rather, we need to teach them how to use the resources (technology) around them to find out information, share their findings, communicate with others around the world, and so on.

As Alvin Toffler states,

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Our students need to be able to embrace change around them and constantly grow and learn. They need to know how to access the wealth of information that is available for them. This will not make our students smarter than students from the past, but they will know how to use the resources around them to their fullest potential, which will allow them to formulate more “intelligent” outputs of information.

The world is changing around us and thus our students learn differently. We can’t teach how we taught in the 1950’s anymore because our students have a new way of thinking. Our curriculum needs to adapt to meet the needs of our students. There is a new literacy out there that doesn’t involve just reading and writing.

My commitment to my students is that I will use the technology around me to foster an innovative classroom for my students. This video explains some of the tools I will use in my classroom. I know there are many more out there. Please feel free to share.


6 thoughts on “Curriculum 2.0

  1. Hadass says:

    Nice videos! Although the first one reminds me of Dan Meyer’s strictures on music in videos (

    I do think that one of the most important things many teachers don’t understand is that the technology is now so embedded, you don’t need to be a geek to use it. The teachers are intimidated but the kids are not. “A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink should be required reading!

  2. Sarah Hill says:

    I just love the girls comment at the end:

    I’m a 21st Century Learner. The world is my classroom. Are you ready to innovate? You can teach me to search, but I have to find myself!

    What a powerful statement. We as teachers need to embrace the tools needed for these learners to learn – to make education relevant to them – to discover the world at our finger tips 🙂 You are right: Technology is much more than knowing how to type an essay in Word and send an email. So why not become literate in the language that learners of the 21st C are learning from! Great videos!

  3. tealek says:

    Thanks Kristina for the great videos! I am glad you posted about this topic and shared that question from your interview. I always wondered if school divisions do have an interest in what you would use for technology in the classroom. Did they ask anymore questions about technology? I agree with you in that technology is much more than it used to be, so teachers should teach to the needs of their students. They should teach the skills needed to use this technology in their everyday life.
    I am very glad to be taking this class and getting experience with using a variety of technology. As well, the valuable connections we are making by communicating with educators around the world. It is exciting to develop these resources and communications before we start our careers, so we have a support network when we get started.

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